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Minecraft Can we revisit the server-side mods thing please?

Discussion in 'Server Chat' started by MeaKitty, May 25, 2015.

  1. MeaKitty

    MeaKitty Biohazard Kitteh
    Staff Member

    Nov 19, 2012
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    Been playing a fair bit on the server... by myself... some of you might have notice the tiny town springing up around the spawn point. Most of you won't have.

    I don't mind playing by myself, and I love being able to play on the server, however, I'd like to suggest some tweaks to bring it back to life, rather than knock it down and start again or anything.

    One of the main mods I wanna install, just for my own fun as well as to benefit the community... is NPCs. I've been watching Sjin build a castle town and the "Ancient Warfare" mod has a bunch of NPCs that you can work towards via Research and then building complicated steps to make it worth the effort. You can assign them as workers, you can assign them tasks including building, mining, farming, and tending animals. You can make shopkeepers and barkeep... a whole bunch of NPCs that I think would be awesome to fill the town with. We can all collectively benefit from this.

    As an added benefit, the AW mod is now divided into parts, meaning that we can JUST install the NPC module, rather than everything (I'm aware it includes terrain generation and extra items)... and part of that mod is the ability to raise armies through research and construction. We could -actually- wage full out war on one another (within reason), and could possibly even incorporate this into our community events. Everyone has a month to build up their army, we have a giant arena and everyone brings their troops, and we have at it for one night only, or something.

    Ancient Warfare: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forum...1547-1-7-10-ancient-warfare-forge-smp-wip-d-l

    Other mods I'd love to be considered:
    Seasons Mod (not sure if server compatible though) - One season every 7 in game days. I play this on one of my Tekkit modded packs and it really does add a whole new dimension to the game. http://www.minecraftforum.net/forum...craft-mods/1275406-1-7-3-1-34-the-seasons-mod
    Flesh to Leather: Been wanting this for ages. I hate having to farm cows and having no use for Zombie Brains (my texture pack shows flesh as brains, same diff though. XD) I think this would make it a lot easier for certain things. Available in simple (furnace cook flesh) or Advanced (Sugar + Flesh + Bone meal = flesh, furnace to make leather) http://www.minecraftforum.net/forum...64-1-7-2-1-7-10-rotten-flesh-to-leather-merry
    Backpack Mod: Nothing I love better than going on long adventures, only to run out of room and have to traipse home again. Yes, I realize we have a teleport home option, but it's still annoying to run out of inventory space. Blargh. http://www.minecraftforum.net/forum...ft-mods/1286124-1-6-x-1-7-x-backpacks-v-2-0-1

    And I'll stop there, those are a couple of little mods I'd personally like to have installed just to up the game play. 90% of the server would remain vanilla with the items and such, so there shouldn't be too much change, but it'll make it that little bit more fun to mess around with, imho.
  2. hyp3rstrike

    hyp3rstrike Community Owner
    Staff Member

    Oct 20, 2012
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    Thanks for the suggestions, @MeaKitty.

    Some time ago, I attempted to get NPCs to work unsuccessfully. But I'll happy give it another crack.

    Backpack mod - not a bad suggestion. I do want the server to have more of an MMO gameplay feel, and the backpack might help with that.

    Seasons is a good idea. I'm not sure why the game doesn't have this naturally. Then again, I'm STILL searching for a mod that syncs in game time with real time.

    I'll set aside some time on the weekend to look at implementing these.

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