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[On Hold] Minecraft Mondays

Discussion in 'Challenge The Gamers' started by MeaKitty, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. MeaKitty

    MeaKitty Biohazard Kitteh
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    Nov 19, 2012
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    Every monday Mea does something with Vanilla Minecraft. Currently it's a Hardcore (one-life) survival series on a map called Survival Island; one main island and several smaller island in the middle of nowhere. Trick is to survive and complete the list of challenges below. But being hardcore; one death means the end of the map.... or some similar punishment. Check it out on youtube with the playlist below.

    1. No Cheating
    2. No Hacked Clients [Optfine and Rei Minimap ALLOWED]
    3. No Spawning In Items

    In-built Challenges
    ✓ 1. Make A House
    ✓ 1a- Amendment, two stories with multiple windows, must not be "a box", serious house only.
    ✓ 2. Get A Good Food Source
    ✓ 3. Go Mining
    4. Go To The Nether and Find A Fortress and Blaze's
    5. Make A Potion Area
    6. Make A Enchant Area
    7. Find The End Portal [Will Be Allow to Enter Main Lands For This! BUT get no resources from the main land]
    8. Kill The Enderdragon
    9. Take The Egg Home!
    10. Find The Guardian!
    11. Kill The Guardian And Take His Gold Blocks
    12. Go Home!
    13. Make Notch Apples
    14. Get Wither Heads
    15. Make The Wither & Kill Him!
    16. Make A Becon!
    17. Survival Island Completed

    Additional Add On's
    - Get Villagers On The Island
    - Get Every Music Disc
    - Complete All Achievements!

    Given Challenges
    ✓ 1. Spend 2 in-game days underground
    2. Kill 2 Squids in one breath

    If you have any more challenges you'd like to see me take on, leave them in the thread here and I'll work on them when a good opportunity arrises. Feel free to leave comments and feedback on the videos as you go and if anything sparks a challenge you're allowed to leave them on videos as you go. I'll integrate them all here as I get them.
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